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Steve Leimberg’s Employee Benefits and Retirement Planning

Steve Leimberg’s Employee Benefits and Retirement Planning e-mail newsletter has become indispensable for those who want to keep current with new developments in estate planning for retirement benefits. The “LISI” team gets the news as it happens and provides not only instant notice, but analysis by experts such as Bob Keebler and me! For a monthly subscription fee, you get the email newsletter (at least weekly), plus access to all the archived past newsletters, plus, free, as many of the other Leimberg newsletters (such as “Asset Protection” edited by Alex Bove, estate planning, and charitable planning) as you wish to receive. The comments are often written by the actual expert who tried the case or got the ruling! Also included is Andy DeMaio’s superb “Law Threads”. Andy monitors all the estate planning “list-servs” (web exchanges among estate planning pros, discussing questions and ideas of interest) so you don’t have to. Just skim LawThreads and go straight to Andy’s summaries of the topics that interest you. The Leimberg Information Services Inc. (LISI) database included a 50-state summary of creditor protection laws applicable to retirement benefits, written by attorneys who practice in each state.

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Ed Slott’s IRA Advisor

When it comes to IRAs, Ed Slott, CPA, is smart, caring and knowledgeable. He also writes beautifully. Each month has in-depth discussion of practical retirement tax info by the most knowledgeable practitioners. Twelve 8-page issues per year. The cost for either the Print or Online version of Ed Slott’s IRA Advisor Newsletter is $125 per year subscription. Pay by American Express, MasterCard, VISA, or check payable to “E. Slott & Company.”

To order, call 1-800-663-1340, or order on line at, or by mail: send check to: E. Slott & Company, 100 Merrick Rd Suite 200E, Rockville Centre, NY 11570.