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Hiring Natalie Choate as a Speaker for Your Organization

Natalie Choate is a professional public speaker, widely recognized as one of America’s top authorities on estate and distribution planning for IRAs and other retirement benefits. This page tells you how to put her expertise and entertaining speaking style to work for your group.

Natalie’s speaking fee ranges from $5,500 to $15,800, depending on the length of the presentation and distance from her Boston home base, plus travel expenses. For an exact quote, and to determine availability, call Ian M. Starr at 781-237-7803. If you call or email us about booking Natalie for a seminar, be sure to include your phone number for fastest response!

How the process works

First speak with Ian Starr (781-237-7803) to determine Natalie’s availability to speak on your date at your location, and the fee. Once you have confirmed that your group wants to go ahead, Mr. Starr will send you Natalie’s standard Speaker’s Contract, setting out the terms. As soon as you return the signed contract and select a topic or topics (click here for list of Natalie’s speaking topics), Ian Starr’s office sends you a “Sponsor Information Sheet” for your topics, with all the information you need to prepare your invitation/brochure and apply for CPE credits. If you are seeking insurance CPE credits, Ian Starr’s office sends you an additional package of information you will need for that purpose.

About a month before the event, Natalie Choate sends you the handout(s) for the topic(s) you have selected, in electronic (.pdf) format, ready for you to reproduce for your attendees.