Other Recommended Services and Resources

“Appleby’s IRA Quick Reference Guides.”

Published annually by Denise Appleby, this  8X11 spiral bound book is the first thing I grab when I need to remind myself of all the different annual limits on IRA contributions, 401(k) contributions, income limits for Roth contributions and the like. She fits an amazing amount of information into the Guide, including (you won’t find it anywhere else) tips for communicating with IRA providers, options for funding IRAs, summary of IRA setup procedures, and a detailed guide to setting up a “series of substantially equal payments” for the under-age-59 1/2 client. “While the guides to not provide detailed information, they address many of the most frequently asked questions [usually in table format], which allows the user to save time that would otherwise be spent on research.” Denise’s background makes her uniquely qualified to explain the day to day details of how IRAs run. Buy this so your IRA won’t run aground! $59.00. IRApublications.com.

CFP® credits from Beacon Hill Financial Educators

Attention financial planners: You can get 16 CFP® credits for reading my book Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits. Buy the book and self-test from Beacon Hill Financial Educators for $189, or if you already have the book they will administer the test and you pay only for the test. To learn more or to order, visit BHFE’s website.

The Beneficiary Directory
by Mark Kaizerman

When I first saw The Beneficiary Directory by Mark Kaizerman, $21.95, I thought “How can you make a hardcover book with fewer than 50 pages, several of them blank?” Upon reflection, the fact that this book is short and sweet is good: it may mean more people actually use it. The Beneficiary Directory is a simple system that everyone (clients and advisors) can use to organize their important documents and save their survivors time and trouble. The system is very easy to use, and the author has plenty of pep talk to make sure his readers do the job. Because it encourages the reader to name one advisor as the “point person” for all information, the book should be a popular handout for advisors to give their clients. Kaizerman offers a training course for advisors on how to use the book and system. The Beneficiary Directory is indispensable. Someone should have thought of this before. www.beneficiarydirectory.com.


How would you like to provide a terrific service for your clients that they will truly appreciate and that will help them remember how great you are? DocuBank® stores your client’s living will and health care directive. When an emergency arises, DocuBank® faxes these vital documents to where they’re needed, anywhere in the world, in minutes. The client carries a plastic Emergency Card instructing the medical caregivers to call DocuBank® toll-free. The card also has your name on it as the estate-planning attorney; DocuBank® also mentions your name when reminding the clients annually to update their documents. To find out more about DocuBank®, visit www.docubank.com or call Fran Gibson at 610-667-3524.

Barry Picker’s Guide to Retirement Distribution Planning
by Barry Picker CPA/PFS, CFP

40-pages. Clear, complete, accurate explanation of minimum distribution choices clients face. Includes checklist, worksheets and tables. Perfect to give to a client with substantial retirement assets who is facing MRDs.

To order, call 1-718-336-8842, or order on line at www.pwacpa.com; or send check for $24.95 plus $1.75 shipping & handling (total $26.70) per copy to: Barry C. Picker, CPA, 1908 Avenue O, Brooklyn NY 11230. For NY (or NYC) delivery, add NY (& NYC) sales tax.