What others have said about Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits

“Ms. Choate’s characteristic combination of command, thoroughness of presentation, and high readability—along with the book’s timely inclusion of new law—make this volume the front-running work in this complex, but increasingly significant, area of estate planning practice.”
Professor Nancy Shurtz in Estate Planning, June 2007 issue (Vol. 34, No. 6, p. 43) To read the complete review, click here.

“Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits… by Natalie B. Choate… is the bible on IRA distribution planning. Natalie is a brilliant colleague, and her book is a must for all advisors who wish to be seriously considered IRA experts. If your advisor does not have this book, find another advisor.”
Ed Slott, CPA, in Parlay Your IRA into a Family Fortune (Viking, 2005)

“Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits retains its position as the number one reference guide for serious practitioners. Now in its fifth edition, this newly revised and updated version, from one of the most highly respected experts in the field, is the quintessential reference guide for distribution planning specialists…”
Joel P. Bruckenstein (co-author of Virtual Office Tools for a High Margin Practice), in Financial Advisor magazine, October 2003. To read the complete review, click here.

“Choate built her reputation on a willingness to dissect and make sense of the Internal Revenue Code… if you have a question about distributing a retirement plan, chances are the answer’s in Choate’s book.”
Karl Lueders in “Tax Maven, ” Senior Market Advisor, October 2002, page 88

“Full of information of benefit to the professional, presented in a most accessible, easily graspable style… This impressive work will be well-used by estate planners.”
Nancy Shurtz, Book Reviewer, Estate Planning, July 2000

“Experts say that the sample forms included in the book Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits (Ataxplan Publications) by Natalie Choate, a lawyer… in Boston, have become an industry standard.”
Deborah L. Jacobs, in her article “Pass It On” (about the need for customized IRA beneficiary designation forms), Bloomberg Wealth Manager, December 2000/January 2001 issue, page 33

“Simply the best available book on pension distribution planning”
The Roth IRA Web Site –

“Comprehensive, authoritative, clear explanation of this complex subject”
Stephan R. Leimberg, JD, CLU, in Think About It, January 1998