What others have said about The QPRT Manual

“What is the greatest single book ever written? Simple: The QPRT Manual. I’ve darned near worn out my copy. I’ve had to chain it to my credenza so it doesn’t ‘walk off.’”

-Ron Kesterson, Esq., Baker Botts, Houston, TX

The following review is from Steve Leimberg’s Estate Planning Newsletter # 757 (Dec. 2, 2004) at

Natalie B. Choate, the author of the bible on retirement distribution planning, Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits has just released the first ever The QPRT Manual.

It’s a winner and like its sister book, should be within arms-length distance of any professional who has a question on QPRTs!

[The QPRT Manual is no longer in print, but you can still purchase the complete book as a pdf on this website. Order the online version: $59.95.
You will receive a link to a pdf version which you can download to your computer and read on screen or print and read.]

464 pages (including a great index), the eight chapter QPRT manual is crammed with useful (yes, this is not an impress the troops dry law-book type tome) and practical information, QPRT Manual also has forms, QPRT private letter rulings, a nifty drafting checklist, and a very extensive bibliography – although it’s not likely you’ll need to go anyplace else for the answer to a QPRT question – including a step-by-step explanation of the mathematics of QPRT calcs – and a reference to the two key software packages the IRS itself uses for doing the calcs, my NumberCruncher ( and Larry Katzenstein’s TigerTables ( (Thanks Natalie!)

Chapters include:

  • HOW QPRTs SAVE TAXES (Tax economics, client profile, alternatives to QPRTs)
  • THE PERSONAL RESIDENCE (What is – and what is NOT – a personal residence)
  • DRAFTING THE QPRT (Essential, Optional/Alternative, and Recommended Provisions)
  • GIFT AND ESTATE TAX TOPICS (Calculation of Gift Tax Value/Gift/Estate Tax Issues)
  • CONQUERING THE GST TAX (Death of Child of QPRT Donor After QPRT Begins)
  • INCOME TAX ISSUES (Grantor Trust Rules/TIN and Reporting/Basis/Sales Issues)
  • QPRTs IN OPERATION (Second Thoughts/Changes in Circumstances/Operational Problems)
  • CASE STUDIES (Practical Problem/Solution Solving)

Appendixes include:


I wouldn’t say it’s malpractice for an estate planning attorney or other estate planner not to own and use The QPRT Manual – but then again – it clearly is criminal to know such a great resource exists – and not have and use it!