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Life and Death Planning
for Retirement Benefits

provides the information practitioners need to deal with their clients' retirement benefits. Order the book.

The QPRT Manual

is the definitive guide to qualified personal residence trusts. Now available as a pdf!

Natalie Choate

Natalie B. Choate

Estate Planning Expert

Natalie B. Choate practices law in Boston, Massachusetts, with the firm of Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP. Her practice is limited to consulting on estate planning and retirement benefits matters. Her books Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits and The QPRT Manual are leading resources for estate planning professionals.

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May 2014

Updated Special Report: Roth Immersion! Learn more.

March 2014

New Special Report: Buyer Beware! Self-directed IRAs and Prohibited Transactions: What the T&E Practitioner Needs to Know. Learn more.

The QPRT Manual available as a pdf

The QPRT Manual is no longer in print, but now you can purchase the complete book as a pdf. Order your copy.

Choate’s Notes

Vol. 13, No. 1, Spring 2011: Disclaimers: Essentials + New Deadline

7th Edition of Life and Death Planning for Retirement Benefits

2/03/11: The first update to new edition covers impact of new estate tax rules! Download the pdf.

The new 7th edition (2011) of Natalie Choate’s classic book, the practitioner’s “bible” for understanding their clients’ IRAs and other retirement plans, tells you everything you need to know about rollovers, Roth conversions, minimum distributions, making retirement benefits payable to trusts, pre-age 59½ distributions, how to recover after-tax money from IRAs and plans, and much much more. Order the new edition here.